Clients say…

Clients say…

“Working with Linda is a dream come true. Her insight, wisdom, multifaceted approach combined with her many gifts, talents and strengths has enhanced my life to no end. I felt seen and understood. I clearly was able to grasp and enhance my character strengths and remove past roadblocks all in a safe atmosphere, fully supported. I can see myself more and as such, I created a new business out of that understanding. I have enriched my life in so many ways. I was able to move past previous trauma and embrace possibilities.”

“Everyone needs a mentor in their lives whether they’re aware of this of not. I became aware of my need when I began working with Linda. Linda’s advice and suggestions are always well-thought out, straight from the heart, and sincere. While she is nonjudgmental, one cannot really sneak anything by her…which, for me, was a great incentive to just be brutally honest with her and myself. Linda has the ability to cause you to look at “givens” in your life in different ways and, therefore, to approach issues that may arise from a different perspective. By making the client feel, not just like a unique individual, but THE most important unique individual at that moment in that place, she inspires trust and a deep sense of comfort in the relationship. This allows the experience to remain professional while taking it to a very personal level as well. I believe I’m better for Linda being my life coach/mentor because I’ve learned the real meaning of gratitude, the importance of being honest with myself, and the clarity that comes with having a mentor that allows you the opportunity to both trust and love.”

Having worked with you has impacted my life in so many wonderful ways. I will pick my favorite.

  • The most significant way that you have helped me to improve my life is in my thought processes. You’ve challenged me to consider alternative mindsets that I would never have been aware of without your encouraging approach. I no longer feel like I live in a world of tunnel vision.
  • Through your affirmation, I have realized that I am worthy of many things that I had uncertainty about before working with you. I have accepted and no longer feel guilty about who I m or what I stand for. I’ve learned that my desires and priorities are valued just because they are mine, regardless of their importance to others in my life.
  • Now, it is clear to me that differences in people’s approaches to life are a wonderful thing rather than a negative thing. I’ve learned that it is actually unhealthy for everyone to operate under the same philosophy. A big takeaway for me is that difference offers variety, and that is not something to be fearful of, rather, it can be embraced and celebrated.
  • You’ve helped me to develop the skill of pure acceptance…not only of myself but of other’s, as well…by teaching me that people’s intentions are important to acknowledge, rather than focusing solely on their actions or outcomes. Additionally, I’ve learned that understanding the capacity of some is crucial to accepting them. This is a concept that I had never even heard of before working with you.
  • You’ve helped me learn about what has rooted me in some of my awkward outlooks on life. This has helped me beyond measure because, in doing so, I have been able to free myself of these perspectives that haven’t served me. Without the knowing of why I was “living in chains”, I was unable to break free and live with more purpose and satisfaction, which has ultimately allowed me to become aware of how I choose to approach life. The ability to choose how I want to live, rather than simply function in a robotic manner just because that’s what I had always done before, has been life changing.
  • Your empathic nature has always made it very easy for me to feel comfortable sharing with you. And, it has provided me with much validation that I didn’t even realize I needed.
  • Overall, after spending 4 months with you, I have gained a stronger understanding of who I am, and now I embrace myself without quilt or shame. You’ve acknowledged that it’s okay for me to have moments of weakness or confusion. I’ve learned that the pace that I follow in myself discovery is not nearly as important as the awareness and pure desire to be fluid in the process of development throughout my life. What you have helped to develop in me is not only life altering for me, but for my children, as well. All that I have learned has helped me parent better and will continue to serve me as new parenting challenges arise. Passing along what I have learned to them is going to serve them better as they grow and undergo their own maturation.”

“In my work with Linda Brackin, she focused on my signature character strengths and helped me identify my authentic self. This strategy helped me to look at myself, not as a victim, but as a powerful person capable of reshaping my life in any manner I desire. This approach empowered me to make choices and changes that otherwise would have felt impossible.”

“I am different because I am now more thoughtful and understand the importance of being more thoughtful. You teach certain deliberate thought processes…empathic steps important in helping fulfill healthy relationship cycles with others, as well as being better to me.”

“I feel both affirmed and more grounded in my life. I feel affirmed because you really listened to me and helped me to value who I am. My feeling of being grounded was then enhanced by the strategies you offered for being myself.”

“In the 6 years that I have worked with Linda, her ability to remain calm and focused and be eloquently humorous while being empathic, has helped me navigate a path toward healing from childhood sexual abuse, a daunting divorce, and a life threatening disease. Friends comment that I seem to “not have a care in the world.”