Sustainable Happiness is stable across time

September 20, 2011

Sustainable Happiness is stable across time and situations. Even when an unwelcome and difficult situation comes knocking, it isn’t your only reality. If on the days of gladness, we store it in our souls as a reserve, it will throb with a steady sure pulse during sadness, assuring us we always have gladness stored within to strengthen us. When sadness comes, you can know that you have stored memory and awareness of life’s goodness in the reservoir of your soul. You can make your struggle with a confidence that gladness will come again. And until that day comes, your reservoir of sustainable happiness can be more than sufficient, gifting you with the capacity to feel the gladness through the sadness. In sharing this, I wish to honor Netta Jane (Jeanne) Brackin, the wise woman and mother who taught me this wisdom, which I draw upon every day. It is my desire that it will also serve you well.

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