The Value of Acknowledgement

September 10, 2011

One of my most valued teachers throughout my professional career has been Angeles Arrien, the internationally known cross-cultural anthropologist.  She has devoted her life to studying cross-cultural healing practices.  I had the privilege of meeting her in the 90’s at a cozy, intimate venue in the Pocono Mountains of PA.  For years, she came every 3-6 months to meet with a close knit group of 25 fortunate people like myself who received teaching and training from her.  One of these teachings that has become fully integrated in my personal and professional life is about the value of acknowledgement.  She taught me that cross-culturally every human being has a primary need to receive acknowledgement on a consistent basis in these four areas:

1. appearance  2. skill  3. character  4. positive impact on the other

Try it.  You’ll like it…and so will the recipients!   An added bonus, I’ve found, is this is one of the best relationship building gestures on the planet.  Check out Angeles Arrien’s book: The Four Fold Way 

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